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Feeding Your Family is No Picnic

Black Ants Eating WatermelonIts 4:30 on a Tuesday. School is out and homework is under way. Suddenly, you realize you’re not really sure what your family is having for dinner and your heart sinks. The obstacle-course race to dinner begins. Pizza, fast food, and other easy but not so healthy or budget-friendly options start to quickly edge out a homemade meal as the leader. You meant to plan for this week’s meals but with commitments and weekend activities, it just didn’t happen. Take-out wins and instead of the kids cheering because they are  getting a special treat, they complain because they don’t want pizza “again, Mom?”

Good Intentions Don’t Shop and Cook

If this scenario sounds familiar, rest assured you aren’t alone. Thousands of us face this dilemma every night in our own kitchens. Feeding the family nutritious food they’ll actually eat — without making yourself crazy – isn’t easy. In fact, I think that there are three hurdles you have to clear before you get any meal on the table:

  • Variety: Your family doesn’t want to eat the same old things week-in and week-out, any more than you want to cook them. Even so, finding recipes everyone will eat, that you’re comfortable making, and that fit into a busy schedule can be like getting siblings to agree on what movie to watch on family movie night.
  • Nutrition: Suggest to most kids (and even some grownups) that they eat their vegetables or any other healthy food and they’ll look at you like you’ve sprouted broccoli for ears. The reality is getting healthy food on the table isn’t the difficulty, getting your family to eat it is.
  • Budget: Everyone is working to do more with less these days, and while you want to feed your family healthy and interesting food, you have to keep costs down. A trip to the grocery store can easily result in a triple-digit bill, but take-out and even fast food aren’t much better if you serve them several nights a week.

Rethink the Status Quo

The good news is the status quo can change. I believe that feeding your family can be easy, manageable, and yes, even fun. I’ve started this blog so we can figure out how to get there together. I’ll hunt down research, resources, tips, and ideas to help us get any family meal from grocery store to kitchen to table without picking up a to-go menu or making a detour through the drive through. In return, I’d love to know what challenges you most when you’re trying to get any meal on the table and what tried-and-true tips you have for surviving the kitchen to table crush. Together we can make creating healthy, tasty meals your family enjoys a reality.


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